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Ari Shaffir’s Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Spouse, Career

How much is Ari Shaffir‘s net worth in 2024?


Income SourceActing
Real NameAri David Shaffir
Nick Name Shaffir
Birth Place  New York, New York, United States
Birthday 12 February 1974
Age 50 years old (in 2024)
OccupationComedian, Actor, Podcaster
Sun SignAries
Education University of Maryland (1999)
Info UpdatedJune 2024

Who is Ari Shaffir? Biography, Net Worth

Ari Shaffir is a 50-year-old American comedian, podcaster, actor, writer, and producer who has a net worth of $600 thousand.

He is well known for being the host and producer of the Skeptic Tank podcast.

He is also known for hosting his monthly stand-up show, This Is Not Happening, from 2013 to 2017. Ari has also co-hosted Punch Drunk Sports with Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault.

He began his career as a stand-up comedian in the 2000s. He later started attending stand-up comedy venues and competitions to improve his comedy skills.

Aside from this, Shaffir has appeared in the films and television shows such as “Reeling in Reality”, “Keeping Up with the Joneses” and “West Side Stories”. He has also produced comedy specials, Paid Regular and Double Negative.

In 2012, his first stand-up comedy album, Revenge for the Holocaust, topped the comedy charts on Amazon and Itunes in its first week.

Moreover, Ari is an internet personality known for his viral video on his YouTube channel starring as The Amazing Racist.

In 2022, Ari Shaffir released his comedy album, Jew.

But how does all this fame and popularity convert into cold hard cash?

What sort of worth does this popular Actor make?

So, let’s dive deep to find out Ari Shaffir‘s net worth and how much this celebrity made his fortune.

Do you know how old and tall is he?

If you don’t know then you can go through this article about Ari Shaffir‘s height, net worth 2024, age, sibling, income, family, and many more.

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Ari Shaffir’s Age & Birthday

Ari was born on 12th February 1974 in New York City, United States, as Ari David Shaffir. According to his date of birth, Ari Shaffir is 50 years old.

He was born in a Jewish family of Merryl and Nat. He grew up with his four siblings in the family.

Ari’s father is a Holocaust survivor who emigrated from Romania to Israel and moved to the United States in 1961. At 9, his family moved to Maryland, where he attended high school.


Ari Shaffir attended Rockville High School, Maryland. Later, he spent two years at Yeshiva University before transferring to the University of Maryland.

In 1999, he graduated with a degree in English literature.

Moreover, Ari also played on the University’s NCAA golf team in 1995. He claimed to be the lowest-ranked NCAA athlete on the team.

Ari Shaffir’s Net Worth & Salary


Ari Shaffir has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand as of February 2024. He has earned all his fortune from his many works in the entertainment business.

Apart from this, Ari hosted the monthly live show “This Is Not Happening” (2013-2017), building his net worth to about $275 thousand from the show alone.

Shaffir began his career in the 2000s. Since then, he has worked as an actor, comedian, producer, and television presenter in almost fifty productions.

How did Ari Shaffir become rich?

Ari Shaffir's Net Worth in 2024- How did actor Ari Shaffir earn his Net Worth?
Ari Shaffir’s Net Worth, Career, Income

Ari Shaffir’s first comedy performance was at an open mic night at a Sports Comedy Place in Northern Virginia. He later moved to Los Angeles.

He further participated in various competitions as a stand-up comedian to improve his skills. Ari Shaffir later took a job answering the phones at The Comedy Store.

However, Ari got a breakthrough in his viral video series, The Amazing Racist. In the late 2000s, he became an opening act for Joe Rogan and began touring with fellow artists.

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He also became a regular guest on the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”. In 2009, Ari created a monthly live show, “This Is Not Happening”, which became a web series in 2013 and a Comedy Central series in 2015.

After completing three seasons of the series, he got replaced by Roy Wood Jr. in 2017.

Podcast Career

Aside from this, Ari Shaffir started his podcast Skeptic Tank in 2011, discussing issues such as suicide, rape, mental health, and prison. In 2013, he co-hosted the Punch Drunk Sports podcast with Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault.

Among his albums, Ari Shaffir released his first stand-up album, Revenge for the Holocaust, in 2012. The album became #1 on Amazon and Itunes in the first week.

Alongside, Ari worked on producing his first television special, Passive Aggressive, for in 2013. His second special, Paid Regular, came up in 2015, followed by “Double Negative” on Netflix in 2017.

Moreover, Shaffir starred in big brand commercials for Bud Light, Coke Zero, Subway and Dominos. He also performed in television shows such as “All Things Comedy Live”, “Conan”, and “Just for Laughs”.

In addition, Ari appeared in various documentaries including, “Road Dog” (2006), “Transition: A Rose Blooms in Hollywood” (2011), “Delivery” (2014), “Adventures in Comedy” (2015), and “Regardless: The Freddy Soto Story” (2020).

Recently, Ari Shaffir released his stand-up comedy album Jew in 2022.

Ari Shaffir in Controversy

After releasing a controversial video clip about Kobe Bryant, a retired ace basketball player, on his Twitter account Shaffir became a part of a controversy.

However, he got penalized for that by cancelling his scheduled show to perform in the New York comedy club. They further refused to sponsor his future performances with the club.

Ari Shaffir’s Wife & Kids

There were rumors about the podcaster being a member of the LGBT community. However, Ari hasn’t addressed the claim.

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Previously, Shaffir dated his college love and friend Alison Reese. The two spent seven years of togetherness and later parted.

He is also said to be married to Merryl (nee Rich), and the couple has five children.

Ari Shaffir’s Social Media Profiles

Ari Shaffir is active on social media such as Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

He has more than 1793 followers on his Twitter account and around 597K followers on her Instagram account as of 2 Jan 2024.

Ari Shaffir Twitter Account

Ari Shaffir Instagram (@arishaffir):


Ari Shaffir is an American comedian and podcaster. As of February 2024, Ari Shaffir has a net worth of $600 thousand.

He got famous for hosting the Comedy Central series “This Is Not Happening” from 2015 to 2016.

However, he was born into an orthodox Jewish family of Romanian ancestry. He completed his education and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

Shaffir made numerous appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and started one of his own, Skeptic Tank.

He also co-hosted the podcast Punch Drunk Sports. Ari appeared in various documentaries and films such as Keeping Up with the Joneses, West Side Stories, and Regardless: The Freddy Soto Story.

Moreover, Shaffir also did commercials for brands like Coke Zero and Subway.

People also love to know

What’s Ari Shaffir’s net worth?

Currently, Ari Shaffir’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $600 thousand and is still growing along with his fame.

How old is Ari Shaffir?

Being born on 12 February 1974, Ari Shaffir is 50 years old as of 2024.

Where is Ari Shaffir from?

Ari Shaffir was born in New York, United States on 12 February 1974, and spent much of his childhood in New York.

is Ari Shaffir married?

Rumors aside, Ari Shaffir is married to Merryl (nee Rich). the couple has been married for a while and has five children already.

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