Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, NBA

Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth 2020 :  $500 thousand

Dennis Keith Rodman is an American NBA former basketball player. As of 2020, Dennis Rodman’s net worth and career earnings estimated at $500 thousand.

During his career, he played for San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, and  Dallas Mavericks. 

His nickname is “the Worm” and popular for his rebounding abilities. Dennis has bagged the “NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award” twice in his career.

He has experienced struggling childhood. After attempting a suicide attempt, he introduced himself as Bad Boy. 

In addition to being a former NBA basketball player, he is a  professional wrestler as well as an actor. 

He is a member of the professional wrestling stable, New World Order. Keith Rodman fought with Hulk Hogan at two Bash at the Beach events.

In his professional wrestling career, he has been considered as the first winner of the  Celebrity Championship Wrestling tournament.

Moreover, he appeared in numerous films such as Simon Sez and, Double Team.

The NBA player also appeared in numerous television reality series and won Celebrity Mole in 2004 and earned the main prize of $222,000.

Dennis Rodman’s Age & Birthday

Dennis Keith Rodman was born on May 13, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey.

He is the son of an Air Force enlisted member, Philander Rodman, Jr. and Shirley. 

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As of 2020, Dennis Rodman’s age is 58 years. After a few years, his father left his family and shifted to the Philippines. 

From his father’s side, he has over 26 siblings. According to him, he is the eldest child among 47.

Rodman has done different jobs to support his family as his father left them alone. 

In 1997, in his biography “Bad As I Wanna Be”, he expressed his feelings for his father as:

 “I haven’t seen my father in more than 30 years, so what’s there to miss … I just look at it like this: Some man brought me into this world. That doesn’t mean I have a father”.

He grew up in Oak Cliff with his two sisters named Debra and Kim. He was very attached to his mother and remind her memories to date. 

According to him, his mother was more attached to his sisters as they were more talented than him in basketball at the time. 

Rodman has attended South Oak Cliff High School. He was a gym class student.

His basketball coach Gary Blair gave the training to both of his sisters Kim and Debra. They won three state championships.

After schooling, he did work at  Dallas Fort Worth International Airport as an overnight janitor. 

Dennis Rodman’s Height

He revealed his height in 1998 as he is 6’6″ and 5’8″ in high school. For more detail, look below:

Height:  6’ 7” (201 cm)

Weight: 110 kg (242 pounds)

Body Measurements

Chest: 114 cm (45 in)

Biceps: 41 cm (16 in)

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Waist: 91 cm (36 in)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

How  Does Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth stand at $500 Thousand in 2020?

Dennis Rodman is famous for his aggressive style and rebounding ability.

The player has won five NBA championships. He made most of his wealth as a basketball ballplayer.

Apart from being a professional basketball player, he also worked as a professional wrestler from 1997 to 1999 in World Championship Wrestling. 

Moreover, he made his worth as a host of basketball exhibitions. These sources also contributed to Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth.


Rodman sought attention for his rebounding skills as well as defense techniques in basketball.

During his professional basketball career, he played for the ‘Detroit Pistons’, ‘Chicago Bulls’, ‘Los Angeles Lakers’,  ‘San Antonio Spurs’ and ‘Dallas Mavericks’.

Moreover,  the player has received ‘NBA All-Defensive First Team’ and ‘NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award’ on multiple occasions.

As of 2020, Dennis Rodman’s net worth is $500 Thousand.

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