Blake Shelton’s Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Wife, Kids

How much is Blake Shelton’s Net Worth in 2021?

Net Worth in 2021$100 Million
Full NameBlake Tollison Shelton
Nick Name Blake
Birth PlaceAda, Oklahoma, United States
BirthdayJune 18, 1976
Age in 2021 44 years old
Occupation Country Singer, TV Personality, Actor
Sun SignGemini
PartnerGwen Stefani (2015-Present)
Wife Kaynette Williams (2000-2006), Miranda Lambert (2005-2015)

Who is Blake Shelton? Biography

Blake Tollison Shelton is an American singer and TV personality. As of 2021, Blake Shelton’s net worth is estimated to be $100 Million.

He started his singing journey in 2001 with his debut album, “Austin”. 

At present, he became one of the highest-paid entertainment TV personalities all over the world. 

For instance, Shelton earned $31.5 million in 2017 according to Forbes. Moreover, he added $28 million in his net worth in 2018.

In addition to the above, Blake grossed at $180 million from TV salaries, ticket sales as well as merchandise.

But how does all this fame and popularity convert into cold hard cash? 

What sort of worth does a popular singer make?

So, let’s dive deep to find out Blake Shelton’s net worth and how much this singer made her fortune.

Blake Shelton Age & Birthday

He was born on June 18, 1976, in Ada, Oklahoma, the U.S. As of 2021, Blake Shelton’s age is 44 years.

His real (birth) name is Blake Tollison Shelton.

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His father, Richard Shelton is a used car salesman whereas his mother, Dorothy is a salon owner.

He started his singing career as a child. Moreover, he learned to play the guitar at the age of 12 only.

To continue his singing journey, Shelton shifted to Nashville. 

Luckily, he signed his first recording contract after spending six years in Nashville. As a result, he started work with Giant Records in 2001.

Afterward, his first single  “Austin” ranked at No-1 for 5 weeks on the Billboard Hot Country chart.

How Does Blake Shelton’s Net Worth reach $100 Million in 2021?

Blake Shelton is a successful singer. To date, he has sold over 10 million albums all over the world as well as 35 million singles.

These singles have generated more than 2 billion digital streams. Blake made a huge worth as a singer. 

Apart from above, he also earned as a TV host. He has been a  coach on NBC’s music competition show since 2011 titled “The Voice”.

During the initial season, he got $4 million per cycle. But at present, he made over $8 Million Per Cycle as a Television salary.

What is Blake Shelton's Net Worth in 2021 and how does he make his money?
Blake Shelton’s Net Worth 2021? Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Earning & Revenue?

This salary contributed enough money into Blake Shelton’s net worth.

Moreover, he was recognized as the face of Pizza Hut’s Barbecue Pies in 2014.

Besides, he made his worth from Brand Endorsements.

He appeared in numerous commercials such as Nascar, J. C. Penney, Walmart, Samsung Galaxy Note II, etc.

In order to sum up, we can say that Blake Shelton has made it big in the song industry and earned money and fame with his comic timing and dedication towards his singing work. Therefore, Blake Shelton‘s Net Worth stands at $100 million dollars.

Blake Shelton‘s Net Worth in 2020

Blake Shelton has made a net worth of $80 million in 2020. The majority of his net worth came from his albums as well as singles.  Moreover, as a YouTube and Instagram personality, he gave new heights to his net worth.

Blake Shelton Height & Weight

In an interview in 2001, he mentioned his height as “He stood “6′ 4”.

Blake Shelton‘s height is usually listed around 6’ 4- 6’ 5, but I think everyone adds an extra inch or so to their height, right?

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Do you want to know the physical appearance, height, and weight of Blake Shelton?

Have a look below:

Height6′ 5″ (196 cm)
Weight96 kg (212 pounds)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue

How tall is Blake Shelton?

Blake stands at 6 feet 5 inches (1.75 m) tall and his weight is listed as 96 kg or 212 lbs. His hair color is light brown while his eye color is blue.

The famous singer is in great physical shape thanks to his lifestyle. Blake Shelton exercises every day. He does cardio (like lifts, swimming, running, etc.), burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, and weight training.

Blake Shelton’s Social Profiles

Blake Shelton is active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Twitter Account

Profile Name@blakeshelton
Followers20.1M Followers (as of Feb 2021)

Blake Shelton Instagram Account

Profile Name@blakeshelton
Followers: 4.2M Followers (as of Feb 2021)

Blake Shelton Youtube Channel and Podcast

Youtube Channel Account

Channel Name: Blake Shelton 
Subscribers: 2.66M 
Views : 1,608,439,286 
Join Date: Sep 25, 2006

Listen to Blake Shelton Spotify

Blake Shelton Wife & Girlfriends

1. Kaynette Williams (from 2000 to 2006): Firstly, Blake was married to Kaynette on November 17, 2003, after dating for 3 years.

But their relationship did not last long and finally divorced in 2006.

2.Miranda Lambert (from 2005 to 2015): After divorce Williams, Shelton started to date another country music singer, Miranda Lambert. They met in 2005 during a Concert.

Later, Shelton proposed to her in 2010. Miranda accepted his proposal and finally they engaged in the same year.

The couple married in May 2011 in Boerne, Texas. But as before, their relationship ended on July 20, 2015.

3.Gwen Stefani (from 2015-till now):

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are Engaged on October 2020.
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

Afterward, Blake Shelton started dating a singer, Gwen Stefani.

They met on the TV reality show ” The Voice” as co-judges in 2015. Both, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are Engaged on October 2020.

Who is Blake Shelton dating now?

Till now Blake Shelton is in a relationship with Gwen Stefani since 2015. After dating for nearly 5 years, the duo got engaged in October 2020. Gwen Stefani is a famous singer, songwriter, and record producer.

The 8 Best Blake Shelton Songs

  • “God Gave Me You” …
  • “Lonely Tonight” (Feat.
  • “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” feat. …
  • “Some Beach” Fans of modern country love the beach. …
  • “Goodbye Time” …
  • “Hillbilly Bone” (Feat. …
  • “Ol’ Red” …
  • “Honey Bee” Such sweet sentimentality might be bad…

Is Blake Shelton Gay?

No, Blake Shelton is not gay. He identifies as a straight white man. He married twice to till date.

NO … as per the sources searched for this Article, there was nothing conforming to this, so we can’t speculate or confirm anything like this. Also, We found that all his relationships have been with a female, so his sexual orientation lies Straight.

People also love to know

Where Blake Shelton was born?

Blake shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma, United States.

What’s blake shelton’s real name?

The Birth name of Blake is Blake Tollison Shelton.

What’s Blake Shelton worth?

Blake Shelton’s net worth according to the list of Forbes 2021 is about $100 million. The major source of Blake Shelton’s net worth fortune has come from his Singing career in the music industry.

How old is Blake Shelton?

Blake Shelton was born on 18 June 1976, So as of 2021 Blake Shelton’s age is 44 years old.

Who are Blake Shelton’s parents?

Blake Shelton’s mother’s name is Dorothy Shelton and his Father’s name is Richard Shelton (Father).

How tall is Blake Shelton?

Blake Shelton has a height of 6 feet 5 inches inch or 196 cm tall and has a net worth of $100 million.

How old is Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton?

Gwen Stefani was born on 3 October 1969. So as of 2021, Gwen Stefani’s age is 51 years,s and Blake Shelton born on 18 June 1976, According to his birth date, Blake Shelton is 44 years old.

Who is Blake Shelton married to?

Blake Shelton married Kaynette Williams on 17 November 2003 and divorced in 2006. After that, he married American singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert on 14 May 2011 and divorced on 20 July 2015.

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